Top 10 Tips and Tricks for freelancers

After you have created a freelance account now its time to promote your account. And to become popular there are some tips and tricks that we are going to see later about how to find work fast. Now the question arises, that why should we promote our account? And the answer is:

If you are popular in some unique Freelance Marketplace then there would be more chance of getting an order. Because if your Profile is shown in the top in a category then more the clients can see it and place the order.

In this list, we are going to see some of the tips and tricks which help your profile be founded fast by the clients. So let’s see these tips and tricks

Find The Best Niche

Find Niche For your freelance marketplace tips and tricks

Niche in freelance means a type of service you are going to provide in the Freelance marketplace. Service can be a website design, or blog writing, etc. And please choose a niche in which you got some expertise and be on a unique niche. There is another post on the best services you can provide as a freelancer.

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Now it is important to choose a niche that a client can find very easily on the market. and always tell about your niche in every place where you are writing about your profile it can be on social media, a profile description, etc. So please choose the best niche in which you have specialty or expertise and can offer work on it.

Make A Portfolio Of Your Old Work

The portfolio is the most important thing for a client as well as a freelancer. Portfolio showcase all the products you have made earlier for other clients. A portfolio for a Graphic Designer is their earlier made Logos, Brochure Designs, Flyers, Ads, etc. Similarly, a portfolio of a Web designer is the website he or she has made.

Add Linkedin And Twitter

Linkedin and twitter tips and tricks

As a freelancer, you also needed a Linkedin or Twitter account for your profile because both of these are mostly used for business purposes and it is very helpful to promote a freelancer. Linkedin is a popular social media where a man or woman can find a job for free according to their specialty.

I update my status not with “sales messages” but with the result of my work. That might be a new website, article on the blog, or photo of something on show.

Will Hawkins | SEO Lead & Web Producer

Share Extra Work With Clients

Yes it is very good idea to share your with old clients. This mostly let them to come back to your profile. Sharing your work with gmail or social media can let them see how you are working and your performance with other clients.

Relationships are almost everything. The relationship can lead to New York. Relationships make for repeat work. Relationships can bring in referral work you might not have been connected to. Simply put, good relationships + Portfolio > Just good Portfolio.

Dann Petty, Freelance Designer

Become An Expert In Your Latest And Upcoming Skill

You must always learn new and upcoming things in your skills. Like in WordPress Development you must always learn the updated version of WordPress so that you can keep pace with your clients. So you must master in new skills before anyone else do it and be available in the market.

Ask For Testimonials

Yes it is true that you must always ask for their testimonials to use them in the product like website, business card, etc. You can ask them by email.or skype. This encourages them to come back every time they need help.

Use Platform

Bitly Tips and tricks is a very good platform to convert your link into some short form. The shortening of the URL is required for two main reasons. The first one is You can get to know that from where clients are visiting your profile or a Gig. And the other importance of is that it let us earn some extra money and this work when the clients click on that link.

Offer 30 Minute Phone Talk

30 Minute talk Tips and tricks

After taking an order you must convince the client to come on the phone or skype to further discuss the project. This will help you understand the requirements of the client and you can give him 100% proficient work.

Produce Your Own Monthly Letter

This is the very good strategy to send Emails to your old clients as a monthly Newsletter. You can do this by saving there Email when they worked with you. And after that you make a beautiful Email letter theme in which you can showcase you portfolio, clients you have offered this month and much more. This let the old clients to come back to your profile.

Write Guests Post

Now that that amazing, In our opinion if you are going to become a writer of anything than you can write guests post on those websites. Even if you have some knowledge about something that is related to website content even then you can write a guest post. Sometimes this post becomes paid post and you get an extra amount of cash.

When I was starting out, I let friends and former colleagues know that I was Freelancing, And encourage them to pass on any leads. I also did Lots of Guest Blogging (and many of those guest pieces turned into ongoing paid blogging Gigs).

Ali Luke | Writer

So These are some of the best tips and tricks to find the work fast. We will publish more articles about these tips so that you can earn some big amount of money in your carrier.

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