7 ways to get more traffic in 2020

Well getting traffic in 2020 is not as much easy as it was a few years before. Because at that time the competition was low. And that there was not that much traffic on the internet as it is now a day.

So, to compensate the traffic need more and more blogs and websites were created. So they can full fill the need for the traffic. As the blogs and websites increased the competition also increased.

And that is why some websites and blogs went from top to down position because they lost their credibility. So that is why many blogs are struggling to get traffic.

Google has evolved a lot in the previous few years and has changed its ranking algorithm very much. So if you want your site to rank you have to follow modern tips and tricks that can get you there.

Well all these tips and tricks are tested and proven and everything is legal and secure and your site will not be at risk. Here we have discussed the top 10 tips & tricks.

That can help you and your site perform well in all the circumstances. Make sure you read the whole article. Because we have explained everything briefly. We will also share video’s and PDF’s where it is necessary.

So without any further talk let’s get straight to the topic and let’s see that what are we going to learn new in this topic.

Quantity vs Quality

quality vs quantity more traffic

I see that everywhere we come to see that content is the king but that really doesn’t mean that you can thousands of words of posts that don’t sense anything to the user.

For example that your article is 1500 words long and has about more than 500 grammatical mistakes. And that is what might make your readers don’t come back to your site again.

And that also increases the bounce-back rate of your site and that might affect the position of your website in the rankings/results page as Google takes this very seriously.

Because no one wants to see gibberish content and waste there time. As a simple rule is that if you will give value you will get value. This sentence means that if you will write quality content.

You will get more readers and visitors on the other hand if your content is long. But doesn’t solve the problem of the reader than it doesn’t have any value and you can’t perform well.

Because your site with 100 to 200 posts that contain gibberish content can’t get that much traffic. That a site that has 30 to 35 posts that are well researched and well written.

Now here a question arises that what type of post is called a quality post. And how can we differ b/w quality content and bad content? Well, the answer is not that simple.

And I will try to break down it into different components that can help you understand. And you can digest the post more easily so let’s get started.

Do Some Research.

research more traffic

Well, this is one of the main points that I want to discuss and that it will help you a lot in your blogging career and that is if you want to write a post please do some research on it.

Because when you write on some topic it is better to write on the topics that you know about and before writing any articles that can help you and user get up-to date.

With the latest trend in thing that you are writing about and that can also help people learn something and get up-to date with the technology. But on the other contrast if you are writing old things.

Related to that technology you are actually misguiding your users that can make a great impact on there life. Like if you tell them that latest programming language is Julia.

But if after 2 years some one read your article they will memorise your saying and if some one ask them the same question in interview and they tell your answer.

This can have a great impact on there life and that is why i also say that if you are writing some thing try to get a good knowledge about the thing that you are going to write about.

And make sure that you keep your article up do date because that also helps you to gain the ranking in the search result page. Because people like to see the latest content.

And what people like is also liked by the tech giant Google. And that also helps you gain more rankings in return. So that this point can help you a lot with your blogging career.


Use headings and images

This is an integral and one of the principles of getting more traffic and that is tested and proved rule and that is what you have seen in the heading of this section.

You can take yourself as an example and that is what type of page you will like to visit one page has different images and headings to distribute its content and on the other side, there is a page.

That contains simple white just large paragraphs of text and nothing more and there is a 99% chance that you will go with the first page. Because with the first page it is easy to interact with it.

This also makes your page more attractive and thus in the end it helps the user to get the information he wants to know about. And using headings and pictures also helps you do SEO of your site.

Because if you will use pictures and headings in your content. It will help the crawler to classify your website as a legit and a site with quality content and in contrast to that you can get more ranking.

Use direct/communication words

direct communication

This helps you to create a direct connection with the reader and also helps the reader to interact with the article more easily. Because when you use the words like you, me etc. It creates a connection b/w you and them.

And they think that they having the direct conversation with the writer of this article and it also make them feel special and it will also create a bond b/w your reader and your site.

Write Conclusions


It is important to write conclusions at the end of the post because it helps the readers to understand and revise the content of the article easily.

There are some visitors that don’t read the article. They go start to the conclusion section and read it. And if they find that section interesting. They read the above content.

So the conclusion can give your user an overview of all the content of the article that you are writing. And the reader can easily decide whether they have to read the article or not.

Share Post On Social Media

social media more traffic

You know that there are many social media platforms that get millions of visitors daily. You can use them to divert some traffic to your site that will build up the base of your site visitors.

This also tells the search engine that you are gaining the grounds on social media. And there must be some great content on your site. And so it also increases your site ranking.

This also helps you gain ranking from the search engine. So posting on your social media may help you. Gain some more traffic from all of the resources and can also help make your site credibility.

So sharing posts on social media might be a good option for you to get started with. Now moving on to the next tip on our list.

Make Site Mobile Responsive

site responsive

This is really one of the most important points. In order to make your site do well in rankings and get traffic from search engines. And organic searches you need to keep this in mind.

That if your site will be mobile responsive then there are chances that you can do well on the search page. Because now people are on mobile devices than on desktop’s and that is why a mobile responsive site is necessary.

Because Google keeps this thing in mind and that is why it has implemented this thing in its core algorithms that if a site is mobile responsive then it will get more high ranking then a site that is not responsive.


Getting traffic on your site was never easy. But yet there are some points and tips that you can learn and implement in your blog and will help you gain more traffic.

So that is why we have made the list of best practices and tips that you can follow to level up your blog and get more traffic from these tips. As these points that i have told you earlier are fully legit.

And you can easily use them. And they are tested and approved. By many big bloggers and websites. Hope you liked the article. Make sure to ask anything in the comments down below.

And we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

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