WordPress and Blogger are 2 of the most famous blogging platforms. Where people can come and publish there thoughts, words, and experience with the other world.

But both these platforms are very much different from each other. But many beginners are faced up with this challenge that what is the best platform to start with? And answer to this question is not quite simple.

Well both the blogging platforms have some unique qualities that make them different from each other. And that is why most people get confused because they don’t know where to go.

And how to start there blogging career on which platform will be best for them and that is what I am going to answer in today’s article. But before starting with the pros and cons of both of these platforms.

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I will give you a brief introduction of both of these platforms like what is there history? And how they were started? And who created them etc. So let’s get started to make sure to fasten your seat belts.



So now we are talking about the blogger well you can guess it by name that what it is all about. Well, this platform is owned and backed by the tech giant Google. Yeah, I know what you are thinking. According to Wikipedia

Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003.


So, this was a short introduction from Wikipedia and from here I will again continue the journey. So this platform is totally written in java and python (I Guess So). Well if you don’t know what these are don’t worry.

These are just simple programming languages. Now the platform was developed by the Pyra Labs and was then bought by Google. And one thing about bloggers is that it is super fast and that is the thing I love most about it.

It was launched on August 23, 1999, which makes it the oldest blogging platform(I Guess So). And yes it is older than WordPress but this really doesn’t mean it is good.

This was a little introduction to blogger and I think that you might know to have a clear understanding of what the blogger is all about. Now moving on the next platform and that is (i know that you know) WordPress.



WordPress is an open-source content management system and it was developed in 2004 and it is based on themes and plugin architecture system that is written in PHP programming language.

It is believed that about 60% of the whole website on the internet is backed by WordPress and that is why WordPress has a very strong and formidable presence in the developer’s community.

So, lets once go through the definition of WordPress, and then we will move on to the next topic in our list.

WordPress (WPWordPress.org) is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to within WordPress as Themes.


It was actually developed by Matt Mullenweg and is now under the WordPress Foundation.

The best part of WordPress is that it is a very easy, flexible, and powerful tool that you can use to do whatever you want to do with your website.

WordPress Admin Plugin

Now that we have discussed and learned a little bit about both the platform its time to get to the main part and that is the comparison and in the end, we will see the conclusion.

Ease Of Use

So, our first and main point is which platform is easier to use? But the answer to it is very cut and clear and that is blogger is easy to use you can set up your blog in less than 5 minutes.

But that is not the case in WordPress because it is a software and it needs to be installed on the server and then you can use it. And its interface might look a little bit complex to you.

But believe me once you will start using the WordPress admin interface you will see that everything just seems complex actually it is not that much complex to use.

Because if we don’t experience things everything seems complicated. But actually it is not in the real world things will start becoming easy and you will become familiar with all the tools.

But on the other hand blogger is totally different you just have to choose which theme to use and then you can start writing your first article on your site.


Now we are talking about the control and in this field WordPress wins by a huge difference and you will get to know why is that in this article next.

Well WordPress is fully flexible and you can use it as you want. You can use themes of your own choice and can use plugins for your site. And can decorate the site the way you want.

But in blogger you have to abide by some rule and that is that you can’t fully change the site as you want. Because the content and the site is fully owned by Google and Google doesn’t allow that.

As in WordPress you have a full control on your site and content and you have full authority. But in blogger that is not the case. It doesn’t mean that you can’t change anything well you can make changes.

But your powers are limited and you can do whatever you want to do with your site. So in this section WordPress clearly wins the competition. Now moving on to the next sector/field.


One of the main factors of the website ranking is related to its speed because if a site will load slowly the search engine bots will not be able to crawl it and will not rank higher.

And it will also have a bad impact on the reader’s mind because no one wants to visit a site that loads slow and gives the user a bad experience.

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So, in this case, the blogger is ahead but not that much because WordPress websites can also load fast. But let’s first discuss why a blogger is fast than WordPress.

And the reason behind that is that Google store the site files on its server and I think that every one of you must have used Google once in your life and know how fast it is.

And that is the main reason why blogger loads fast. And another reason is that the website is simple and lightweight and that is why the browser takes low time to render the code.

But in WordPress, the site loads slowly because it is a complex system and it takes time to interact with the database and the client browser.

The speed of WordPress also depends upon the hosting service and package you are using. Because if you are using a low-cost server then eventually the site will load slow.

And that point is also a great factor in judging b/w blogger or WordPress just like other points. So let’s move on to the next factor of the discussion and that is.


Well, both of these platforms are well known and established and have thousands of visitors and users. But in this case, WordPress has a heavier hand because alone WordPress alone is responsible for 60% internet.

So, that is why it makes a huge difference b/w blogger and WordPress. And there are many sites also hosted on blogger. So that is also a key point in choosing b/w blogger or WordPress.

Well, you might be wondering that why community is a great factor and the answer to it is that for example, you stuck on an error. So if the tool that you are using is popular you will get its solution easily.

And if the tool is not useful or famous or doesn’t have a huge community it will be hard to find the solution. So the community plays an important role in choosing a platform.


Well, this is an important topic and I think that you all might be waiting for this and I know how important this topic is. So I will try to answer this in the best way I can for you.

Blogger is eventually free and one factor of that is it is backed by Google and most of the services by Google are mostly free and that is why a blogger is totally free but you can add custom domain in blogger.

If you want to use your own domain you will have to purchase it from the domain provider and the custom domains are not free. So blogger allows you to attach the custom domain if you want.

Otherwise, you can use a subdomain provided by the blogger for free, and hosting of the website is totally free. While that is not the situation on the WordPress side.

You will have to buy a custom domain and website hosting in order to use WordPress on your site. Because you need to have tour own server space and a domain on which you can install WordPress software.

Yet there are few websites that provide free hosting and also a custom domain but I will not recommend that because their services are useless and your site can break at any time.

And if you don’t have money to use WordPress I will recommend you use a blogger because there your handwork is protected. But on free sites that give hosting for free there server can break anytime.

And your all hard work will be lost forever and nobody wants that. If you want to use WordPress then I will recommend that use a custom domain and hosting. Because this is how the future of your blog will be safe.


This is an important factor just like others that are discussed in this article above. Security is an integral part of your site and as the time is going the cyber crimes are increasing.

And every website is at the stake of risk so everybody is ensuring that it’s content and all the hard work that he has given on the website is safe and remains the way he wants.

And in this sector blogger have a little bit edge over WordPress because in blogger you don’t have to care about the security of your blog. Because it is managed by Google as your files are stored on their server.

But in WordPress, the situation is totally different and you have yo care about your blog and save it from spam’s well there are few plugins that can help you with that like succuri and others.


As we discussed the main factors and we compared both these platforms and now its time to draw conclusions from these factors so it is really your choice that what platforms to get started with?

Well if you have money and have some experience the i think WordPress is the choice to go with and if you are absolute beginner and have zero experience then start with blogger.

But at the end it is up to you that what platforms suit you best. If you want to make blog and earn money from it and decorate it WordPress is good and if you just want to write articles than go with blogger.

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